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Robert Henslee
Port Saint Lucie Fla. 34952  
USA (01) 561-283-1571

Search Engine SEM, SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing, Digital Business Development, Digital Asset Management, Social Media Deployment, Email Marketing, Viral Video's

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An authority on Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Architecture who has worked as an Industry Search consulting for Google.  A world-class expert in natural/organic search engine optimization tactics and tracking web metrics. Specialist at deployment and/or management of websites using third party analytic tools, e.g. Core metrics, Web Trends, Google Analytics, etc. Competencies for programming and coding in 15 different languages.  Skill sets in multiple coding and programming disciplines.  Creator and Developer of AUMMB(Adaptive User Marketing Modeling Behavior) Lead Generation System which consist s of self-learning adaptive models that are fine-tuned to deliver maximum yields.  Started career as a Navy FTM (missile programmer) and was actually involved with the design team that developed VMS programming at Digital Equipment, which evolved into the forerunner of the Windows operating system that dominates today’s world computer market.

Skill Set Summary

  • Current consulting practice is
  • Joint Venture Partner: Internet Marketing Gorillas Sold Company June 2008
  • 10 + years experience in an Internet environment with 8 years SEO/SEM/SEA responsibilities.
  • Manages up to $350K monthly SEO/SEM budgets on top tier search engines (Overture, Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc).
  • Experience with paid search bid optimization and Web Analytics tools like NetTracker, WebTrends, etc.
  • Top strategist & tactician with knowledge of latest industry trends of major search engines and media outlets.
  • World class expert in natural/organic search engine optimization tactics and tracking web metrics (http headers, redirect, tracking pixels, etc.)
  • Quantitative skills include the ability to monitor budgets, understand ROI and select relative data for analyzing future marketing actions.
  • Strong knowledge of the search engine marketing industry: media providers, tools, technologies, trends, etc.
  • Deep experience in performance mechanics of search engine platforms: Google AdWords, Panama, adCenter, etc.
  • 13 Years of programming experience multiple languages.
  • Experience with both B-to-C and B-to-B and a variety of CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA campaigns.
  • Actually used as SEO/SEM consultant expert in lawsuit defending Google.
  • Owns over $500,000 of self-built one-of-a-kind technology used for SEM expertise at a higher scale level than 99% of most professionals.
  • Slotted over 900 Top 10 search terms on over 150 International Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, etc.
  • As part of a new Joint Venture firm called Internet Marketing Gorillas, I developed a proprietary technology titled AUMMB (Adaptive User Marketing Modeling Behavior). The technology is underpinned with skill sets and custom built tools, technology and analysis over 5 years of real-time development, expertise in the use of A/B split testing and millions of dollars of actual on-line advertising campaigns.  The models are self-learning adaptive models fine-tuned to deliver maximum yields with customized evaluation tools and unique one-of-a-kind software that took thousands of man hours to create.  The net result is a hybrid SEO/SEM/SEA technology which sold for 6 figures to investors.

Work Experience, Jupiter, FL 2000 – Current

A  leading SEO, SEM, Search Engine Architecture Firm

Owner, Operator  – Leveraged background in creatively devising, programming, and coding expertise in Search Engine Marketing and Architecture for multiple vertical markets. Spent 7 years developing into one of the world’s leading Search Engine Marketing experts. The was founded by Robert Henslee, who began his career as a software engineer at Pratt & Whitney, Inc. programming the EEC & DEEC (Electronic Engine Control) systems for the F-100 jet engine used in F-16 aircrafts. He has launched many large and small dot com enterprise's since and held many significant technology positions.

Developed and implemented sophisticated testing programs to improve site traffic, conversions, consumer visit frequency, based on Self Adaptive Evaluation Models that became the forerunner of AUMMB technology.

  • Served as Google lead consultant for Peachtree vs. JG Wentworth trademark lawsuit when JG Wentworth sued Peachtree claiming Peachtree used its Meta-Tag keywords and its Adwords campaigns. Wentworth claimed millions in lost sales. My role was to determine how much (damage control) profit and traffic was actually realized by Peachtree actions over the course of the alleged illegal trademark use.
  • In articles written in InformationWeek and Search Engine Watch, the lawsuit was referred to as a landmark case.  Gorilla Marketing became well-known for successful efforts limiting the defendant’s damages using SEM.  Insiders believe Gorilla Marketing’s specialized one-of-a-kind SEM data/reports played a vital role in a victory for the defendant.
  • Designed and built many proprietary internet software applications (including the now world famous GorillaCV) which augments internet marketing efforts as well as the design and development of a number of client portals.
  • Devised and created routine and ad hoc reports and analysis using mTab, SAS, Excel, SPSS, etc.
  •  Deploys and manages 3rd-party website analytic tools, e.g. Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends, Google Analytics, etc.

  • Programs and codes in 15 different languages
  • Tracks, reviews, analyzes, and optimizes paid (PPC) and organic (SEO) search engine marketing and banner advertising campaigns.
  • Guest speaker (internet marketing) on numerous occasions for many fortune 500 companies such as AT&T.
  • Collaborates closely with marketing and technical teams to implement data-driven marketing strategies.

  • Evaluates, recommends and implements new analytics tools.  Assists in defining criteria for measuring campaign and new project success criteria, key performance indicators, ROI and SWOT analyses.Develops and shares insights and other improvements resulting from unique search tools and proprietary software.

CHILDREN’S HEROES – HEROES, Inc. (post merger name), Grass Valley, CA                       1996–2000

An innovative medium size firm founded to create the most unique “ahead of its time” consumer/merchant loyalty marketing system              

Chief Technical Officer - A world class loyalty expert and Pioneer in the field of writing loyalty software.  Many specs of merchant loyalty card code can be traced back to the concepts developed by Bob in the mid-90s.

  • Reported to Chris Hutcherson , CEO who is a current partner in Internet Marketing Gorillas, LLC and who co-authored the marketing business model and Portal.
  • Wrote, coded, and programmed and entire suite of consumer and merchant loyalty marketing software. 
  • Responsible for the overall system design, project implementation development, marketing and launch of a very large co-located site.
  • Company merged with $20,000,000 revenue public company in 2000 year with $7,000,000 in venture capital raised.
  • Authored all investor venture capital technical documents.

FREQUENT FRIENDS, INC. , Jupiter, FL                                                                                       1990-1995

A firm started from a small staff to build to a 600,000 loyalty consumer data base using proprietary personally developed software.

President and CEO – Built a merchant/consumer loyalty software platform from scratch and personally sold the merchant base on acceptance of the card.

  • Wrote, developed and programmed frequent dining card for local merchants in Southeastern United States. 
  • Program developed into a $1.5 million business with 600,000 users and hundreds of merchants.  This technology was way before its time and was a forerunner of many U.S. Merchant Loyalty Cards.

CELLULAR ONE/AT&T TECHNOLOGIES, West Palm Beach, FL                                                 1989-1990

One of the nation’s leading cellular networks

Digital Network Systems Manager - Hired as a technical computer-programming expert.

  • Further developed unique skill sets of pattern recognition and the ability to assess and program solutions to improve the capabilities of network systems.
  • Responsible for the operation of the corporate digital network and all related computers, switching and cell tower equipment. This included the support and interfacing of the CBIS telephone billing system.

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, Bedford, MA                                                               1982–1989 The pioneer company in the conversion of big iron pre-1970’s computers to the minicomputer revolution that occurred during the past 30 years.

Chief Operations Manager of MIS & Instructor of VMS internals – Hired because of unique ability to design and write software applications in a time where that skill set was extremely rare.

  • Served on the design team that developed VMS programming at Digital Equipment, which evolved into the forerunner of the Windows operating system today.  In charge of the micro coding, much of which still lives inside Windows today.
  • Began the process of developing unique programming applications, which manifested itself in a software application mindset that was the beginning of eventual preparation for expertise in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.
  • Managed Operations in a technical environment that was literally changing the world on a daily basis with the movement to smaller computers. 
  • Taught programming of new emerging technologies and actually created “on the fly” learning applications that became part of the processes for running small computer applications.
  • Designed and wrote countless business applications & network systems for MIS Corporate Digital Equipment Corporation Boston.

PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT CORPORATION, North Palm Beach, FL                          1976–1982

A leading jet aircraft engine manufacturer

Scientific/Statistical Software Design Engineer – Hired to design software packages for Jet Engines.

  • Programmed the EEC Electronic Engine Control system for the F-100 engines in the F-15 & F-16 Aircraft
  • Duties included jet engine operational software management for flight envelope.
  • Designed and wrote several engine airframe simulation software packages for EEC engine evaluations & test cell operation and certification.

UNITED STATES NAVY, Jacksonville, FL                                                                                      1973–1976

The United States of America Armed Forces

Weapons Fire Control Systems Programmer – Trained as a missile computer programmer.

  • FTM ( Missile Fire Control Programmer)
  • Honorable Discharge.
  • Worked with breadboards, software/hardware interfaces, programmed special purpose processors mostly assembly language and can use any test equipment – Duties included maintaining missile fire control systems.


 Bachelor of Computer Science                            Atlantic College, Boynton Beach, FL                              1981

Google Search Engine Management and Design Classes  (7 different courses)                                      2004

Microsoft – Robot technology seminars (approx 18+ to date)                                                                        1992-93

Seiman’s Technology Corporation – AT&T Cell Site & Switch Operation programming                         1990

Digital Equipment – OS/2 Programming Internals                                                                                             1990

IBM Network File Systems                                                                                                                                       1989

IBM NCP File Structures                                                                                                                                           1989

PS2 Networking Diagnostics and Programming                                                                                                  1989

Digital Equipment – Micro-channel Internals                                                                                                        1989

Digital Equipment – OS/2 LAN Manager                                                                                                                1989

US Navy – VAX 1, 2 and 3 Inter Masters                                                                                                                   1984

Digital Equipment – Assembly Language Programming VAX – 11 Macro                                                       1983

Digital Equipment – VAX – VMS – VAX – VMS – Scheduling Algorithms                                                          1983

Digital Equipment – VAX –VMS System Management                                                                                         1983

Digital Equipment – VAX – VMS Device Driver                                                                                                      1982

Digital Equipment – VAX – VMS Operating Systems Internal                                                                             1982

Digital Equipment – VAX – Programming VMS N VAX-11 Fortran Macro                                                       1982

Digital Equipment – Advanced RSX – 11M Operator Diagnostics                                                                   1978

US Navy – FTMSA (Fire Control Masters Technician)                                                                                       1976

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft – 3 years (Jet engine operations)                                                                             1976- 79

Weapons Direction & Targeting Systems                                                                                                         1973-76

USN Missile Fire Control School  - Graduated in top 2% of class                                                              1973 


TEL: USA +(01) 561.283.1571