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Get the advantage of an independent perspective. As CEO the one thing you need someone who can see what is happening and tell you the truth. It doesn't take long for full-time employees to realize they are in a political environment and their job, progress and future are dependent upon how you and others within the company view them. This can't help but diminish the independent perspective that is so valuable to you.

You have less risk. Since a virtual consultant is not an employee, you can terminate the relationship if it doesn't serve you well. It is clean and simple and there are few feelings to cloud the issue. Terminating a key full-time employee can be challenging, expensive and emotionally draining.

You get fresh ideas. Because a virtual consultant is working with multiple clients, he is being exposed to many different ideas and solutions. You benefit from that exposure by having a constant influx of fresh ideas for solving your problems and profiting from your opportunities.

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